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Wildrose 2020 - Picture courtesy of Ashley Sevre


  If you take a trip to Wildrose you will find yourself in a small and friendly community. A community of not only the residents of Wildrose, but all our friends and neighbors around us who have all helped us make Wildrose a nice place to be.

  We are a large farming and ranching community situated in the middle of the Bakken and Three Forks oil formations. Located in Williams Co. on Hwy. 17, 4 mi. north of ND-50 and 17 mi. north of US-2, we are a nice, safe and quiet place to live and raise a family.

  As you enter Wildrose coming down 5th Avenue you will see the Wildrose Golf Course to your right, city water tower straight ahead and our new Fire Hall/City Hall/Auditors office to your left. As you turn down Main Street you will see our City Park, tennis court, as well as our new Bar/Café 'The Wildrose Mixer. Fill up with gas and get a drink or snack at our Horizon Resources station. 

  So, if you enjoy the small-town charm of friendly people and a pleasant atmosphere Wildrose is the place to visit.