Frequently Asked Questions


 What are Wildrose City Hall office hours?

Auditor’s hours:  Mon. – Fri.  10 a.m. – 2 p. m.

(Hours subject to change)

See Home Page for posted changes

 Who do I contact for water and street issues?

For routine meter and curb stop needs please set up appointment with City Auditor first.
For other issues concerning routine public works, streets or in the event of an
emergency situation please contact:  

Keith Rossmiller
City Maintenance and Works


If Nate cannot be contacted in emergency please contact:

Marlyn Vatne


 What's the garbage bin pickup schedule?

Circle Sanitation picks up every Tuesday (Please have bins street side by 7 a.m.)

Place your garbage bin(s) street side with the wheels facing your house and the lid opening into the street.
Keep your garbage cans three feet apart and 10 feet from any obstacles such as cars, lamp polls, trees,
or power lines. Keep your container street side if it hasn’t been collected until the end of the day.

Must use required garbage bin(s) supplied by City of Wildrose.

Contact City Hall for additional bins: 701-539-2122
$5.00 per month for each additional bin

If you need a large commercial dumpster for you business or a roll-off container for cleanup
please contact City Auditor or Circle Sanitation directly.

Circle Sanitation Website 

or call 701-838-1182

 Can I pay my city utilities bill online?

Yes, with a credit card. Wildrose has contracted with so your water/sewer/garbage bill can be paid online.  
Ub-pay charges a small fee for this service, Wildrose collects nothing of this charge.   

Pay water/sewer/trash online here
Municipal Code: WildroseND795

or call 844-680-7201 


Other Payment Options: 

Office Hours: Can pay in person at City Hall or
pay City Auditor directly over phone by credit card.
$3.50 per transaction credit card charge.
Non Office Hours: Can leave in door drop box located
at "Old City Hall" at 104 1st Ave. E (Do not leave cash)

 Is there a fee for turning my water on or off?

The City does not charge to turn on water services. There is a $250.00 deposit to start utility services, with a base rate of $25.00 per month for water, and an additional charge of $6.90 per 1000 gals. of water usage.

After 90 days of nonpayment for city services, your services are turned off. There is a $100 reconnection fee to reinstate your city services.

 Is there a monthly fee if I am not using any water or am gone for the month?

At the December 9th 2019 City Council Meeting it was decided that beginning in July the city will start charging a $25.00 per month vacation/non-occupancy rate. This charge is for the residents who will be gone from their residents for a period of time. Example: vacation for longer than a month, snowbirds, and residents who have meters attached to a home/building but not currently being occupied. If you have any questions please contact the city office at 701 539-2122.

 Are there Storm Shelters for severe weather in Wildrose?

In the event of sever weather or other emergency situations and you need a safe place to go, the Wildrose City Hall/Fire Hall building is designated as the community storm shelter. It is equpped with backup generators, bottled water, restroom facilities and full kitchen.

 What are the animal leash laws in the City of Wildrose?

11.0102  Dogs and Cats

Running at large prohibited. It shall be unlawful for the dog or cat of any person who owns, keeps, possesses harbors, maintains or has the care, custody or control of a dog or cat, to run at large. A person, who owns, keeps, possesses harbors, maintains or has the care, custody or control of a dog or cat which runs a large shall be guilty of and offense. Dogs and Cats on a leash and accompanied by a responsible person shall be permitted in streets or on public land unless the city has posted an area with signs reading “Dogs or Cats Prohibited”.

  The City of Wildrose asks all owners to follow the leash law of Wildrose and take responsibility to see that their pets are not running loose or being a public nuisance.

  We want to make the city a safe place where people can enjoy outdoor activities without the fear of dogs running loose. Although many of our residents cooperate with the leash law, we still continue to get complaints of dogs chasing when walking or running, being attacked or nipped at, children bit, garbage totes being tipped and contents dragged out, decorations torn down, dogs on leashes being attacked by larger unleashed dogs.

  Please be a responsible pet owner and don’t allow your pets to run loose so more severe alternatives don’t have to be taken.

For additional information about animals within city limits please refer to: City Ordinances - Chapter 11 Animal and Foul

 Who do I contact to rent a space in the Wildrose RV Park?

The City Auditor is the contact person if you want to rent a space in our RV Park.   701 539-2122

$20.00 per day
$425.00 per month

Large group rates can be negotiated for such groups as construction crews, road crews, and custom combine crews.

 Do I need a permit for a recreational fire?

4.0303 Bonfires Prohibited - Exception

  No person shall kindle, maintain or assist in maintaining any bonfire or other exposed fire within the City except under the written permit of the chief of the fire department under proper safeguards as the as the chief my direct. Permits may be granted only on condition that such permit carries an obligation on the part of the grantee to keep a sufficient safe control of said fire and to be responsible for all damages therefrom, and that all resultant embers shall be extinguished and the hot ashes removed or wet down at the close of said fire.