Punching Bag Act - F.E. Stefonowicz

Punching Bag Artist - F.E. "Mix" Stefonowicz

Taken from the Wildrose Golden Jubilee Book 1910-1960:  

   F.E Stefonowitz Publisher of The Wildrose Mixer and owner of the Wildrose Nursery has a unique act as his hobby. Quite a few men can punch a punching bag with their fists, but when it comes to punching several bags, even as many as five, no man in Williams County or even in the nation can compete with him. He can keep five punching bags in perfect rhythm with slow music or fast. He has a special frame that has five punching bags hanging on it, two down low in front, one on each side, and one high at the rear.


  He seats himself inside the frame, head directly below behind the highest bag, a hand near each of the side bags, and his knees near the lower bags in front. Then he proceeds to put on a show that is hard to beat or even equal. His head keeps one bag going, both hands and both knees get into gear, and the bags move so fast, a spectator is kept busy following them. 


On the link below F.E. Stefonowicz performs on I've got a Secret in the early 60's, It takes him a little time to get going but gets it right at the end.
Link to: F.E. "Mix" Stefonowicz on I've Got A Secret in early 60's

On the video below show F.E. Stefonowicz performing at a town event in the late 50's: