Pet Licensing & Immunization

Pet Licensing:

Dogs & Cats,

All dogs over the age of six months kept, harbored, or maintained by their owners in the City of Wildrose, shall be licensed and registered with the City. Dog licenses shall be issued by city personnel upon payment of the license fee as established by the City. No license shall be granted for a dog that has not been vaccinated against distemper and rabies, as evidenced by a certificate by a veterinarian qualified to practice in the state in which the dog is vaccinated.

Cats shall be included as controlled by this division insofar as running-at-large, pickup, licensing and proof of vaccination is concerned.

License Fees: The License fee for each dog and cat shall be $5.00 annually. The license fee or renewal due and payable by the 1st of May each year and shall become delinquent on the 1st day of June in each year. If the fee is not paid before the 1 day of June a penalty of $25.00 per month shall be added to the fee.



All dogs and cats harbored, maintained, or transported within the City of Wildrose shall be vaccinated at lease once every three years by a licensed veterinarian for: Rabies-with a live modified vaccine; and Distemper.

The City of Wildrose and Northwest Veterinarian hold a Pet Licensing and Vaccination Day in the Spring and Fall, located at the Wildrose Fire/ City Hall.